7 Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial HVACR System

Now that the temperature has started to drop, you should start preparing your commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) system. Your comfort equipment needs to work in peak efficiency to keep your employees safe and comfortable throughout the chilly days. Thankfully, the fall season brings a perfect opportunity for you to do it.

Here are the seven fall maintenance tips for your commercial HVACR system:

1. Replace Your Air Filter

Your system’s air filter can become clogged with pollutants over time. The more dust and debris trapped into your filter, the harder the air delivery becomes. Pollutants can impede your unit’s proper performance, causing a dramatic decline in its airflow and efficiency level.

Don’t let your unit face the winter without replacing its air filter. Give it a fresh start, and it’ll pay you back through efficient operation and cleaner breathing environment.

2. Recalibrate Your Thermostat

As the chilly air crawls into your building, don’t forget to program your thermostat correctly. This will help you achieve the most comfortable and favorable temperature for your indoor space. Also, change the device’s battery if it’s been a while since the last time you replaced it.

It is important to note that commercial HVACR systems that run with an efficient thermostat can lower energy consumption by up to 75%

3. Check Your CO Detectors

Your heating system can produce carbon monoxide (CO) during the operation. This harmful gas has no odor, taste, and color, which means that your senses can not detect it. Its dangerous concentration can build up inside your building, and your employees have no way to detect it until they are poisoned.

Thankfully, CO detectors are designed to help detect the presence of CO gas and prevent the risk of accidental poisoning. If you have this device in your building (and you should!), it’s wise to check it this fall and be sure to replace its battery.

4. Clean Your Outdoor Unit

The maintenance of your commercial HVACR shouldn’t just stop in the indoor components. You also need to check the outdoor unit regularly. Cleaning the outdoor unit can improve your system’s efficiency and extend its lifespan.

Clouds of dust might have accumulated around your unit’s vital components. Also, bushes and grasses might have outgrown it after a while. You can use a garden hose with low-water pressure to remove the dust and cut the vegetation around the unit. But if you need professional cleaning, consider calling a pro.

5. Schedule a Ductwork Inspection and Cleaning

To heat your commercial space efficiently and maintain good indoor air quality, you should schedule a routine check and cleaning of your duct system. Professional duct service can help spot the damage, worn-out insulation, and leaks that cause your utility cost to rise. You probably don’t want to pay for heated air that only escapes through the holes. So be sure to have your ductwork serviced this fall season.

6. Check Your Fuel Supply

Many commercial buildings use propane or oil for space heating. Apart from the fact that it’s safe to use, a fuel heating system is also 95% more efficient than its counterparts.

Make sure that your tank is full before the winter sets in. You surely don’t want to run out of fuel when the cold temperature is at its lowest. So be sure to arrange a regular fuel delivery with your oil or propane supplier today.

7. Schedule a Professional Maintenance

Professional maintenance for your commercial HVACR system should be done at least twice a year—one in the spring and another in the HVAC Preventative Maintenancefall. Following this schedule will ensure that your comfort equipment is fully optimized based on the changing weather. Above all, professional maintenance will extend your system’s service life and keep it running in peak performance and efficiency.

The Takeaway

For many obvious reasons, regular maintenance of your HVACR system is essential. However, many business owners still fail to observe proper care of their comfort systems, thinking that everything is fine as long as it works… until a sudden breakdown or costly repair is needed. Don’t you think it’s time to change your thinking?

Remember, your HVACR system is similar to your car—it needs proper care and maintenance to function properly.

So while the weather is still bearable, take time to schedule your fall HVACR maintenance with the pros today.

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