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“Our customers and employees are the two most important components of our business. Without either one, there would be no business.” - Karen Lamy DeSousa, Owner & President
How can you tell the difference between a good company and a great company? We think the formula is creating an environment where both the employees and customers not only stay but refer their friends.
List Of Case Studies

The Case of The Missing HVAC Contractor

The Situation

We have been the trusted service company for a large property management company in southeastern MA, Cape Cod and RI for many years. A new project came up for install and as most companies do, they were looking for 3 bids to pick from.

Unfortunately, we were the second lowest.

About 1 year after the new units were installed, we were called by that same property management company to service the unit that had been installed by the Other Contractor. The unit had been giving them non-stop problems, but now it wasn’t cooling AT ALL. And no surprise…the Other Contractor (the one with the Low Bid) was not responding to calls.

The Analysis

  • A condenser and evaporator were mismatched sizes (not cool) and neither one was the correct size for the space.
  • The wrong size piping and wrong sized metering device was causing refrigerant flow problems.
  • Evaporator was not installed properly (no support) and in less than a year it had bent and bowed out of shape.
  • Ductwork installed was poorly and with inferior and improper materials. In some cases, duct tape (yes, duct tape!) was utilized versus proper hanging brackets.

The Fix

Despite cautions of keeping the incorrect installed equipment, our customer was less than 1 year into this install and was not willing to start from scratch with a new install. We patched and supported the unit as best we could, and got the unit heating and cooling again.

It has been 4 years since this hack of an install was completed by a low bidding company and in the last 3 years, the management company has regrettably paid more in original install costs plus band-aids, tweaks and patchwork, than our original bid. By a lot.

They are now tired of having “just good enough” and want it re-done correctly. We are re-bidding and this time we are the only bidder.

We believe in doing it right, the first time. And so we did.

The Fix

We partnered with our client to identify their special needs and by making some small changes to their equipment, we were able to provide an elegant environment for displaying their elegant cheeses.  

“To the Cheese Cave!” says local specialty foods import/export company.

The Situation

A local import/exporter of specialty foods needed a special temperature and humidity-controlled room in order to present and display their very special artisanal cheeses for customer tastings.

The Analysis

Have you ever left cheese out of the refrigerator too long and had the cheese become either a melty cheese blob or a crusty cheese rock? Yuck! When your cheese is the finest in the world, this just can’t happen.

We researched ideal temperature and humidity ranges to keep cheese in its perfect state of deliciousness. And tackled other challenges, such as eliminating contaminates, managing equipment noise and dealing with frequent opening and closing of the entry door.

The Case of “The Premature Heating and Cooling Equipment Deaths”

The Situation

Our neighborhood sausage manufacturer was having to replace their cooling equipment well before the typical equipment lifespan. They wanted to know why this was happening to them. Wouldn’t you?

The Analysis

Our team got together and went full-on “CSI” with this case. First, we performed an equipment “autopsy,” very similar to our “6-point health check – up.”  In this case, the cooling coils were failing. What would cause that you may ask?

We deduced that the likely culprit was in the air of the plant itself. The spices and vinegary flavors that make the sausages so tasty were coating the cooling coils and over time creating a corrosive environment.

Since the air of the plant is continually being pulled through the cooling coils, any new equipment would suffer the same early death.

The Fix

The prescription was to invest in special coated coils for the replacement units. The factory-applied electrostatic coating protects the coils from corrosion and thus extends the equipment lifespan. No more unexplained equipment deaths in this sausage plant!

The Fix

First, we partnered with City officials and the Medical Facility Manager to determine which areas of the building were highest priority for their needs. The goal they set was to get two functional units per floor, with the hope that we could get three working on the uppermost floor.
Our tech Milton evaluated every unit in the building, taking detailed notes on each, to determine what salvageable parts we had to work with. He painstakingly came up with a plan to save the units that could be saved with parts from others that could not. 
By pulling parts from unused recreation rooms and unsalvageable units, we were able to exceed the minimum requirements of two per floor to get four units on the third floor and three each on the first and second floors up and running for patients and medical staff.

Mission accomplished.

Mission Impossible?
Not for us.

The Situation

Provide cooling to an abandoned (and temporarily borrowed) nursing home to prepare for patient overload from hospitals due to Covid-19. 

Existing ductless split units are over 20 years old, replacement parts are obsolete and unavailable, unit replacement NOT an option due to cost and time constraints.

The Analysis

Of the 31 units, only 8 were operational.
Most of the operational units were on the Ground floor, where patients would not be located.
With repair parts no longer available for purchase, our only option was to troubleshoot each unit to see what we were working with and then perform a triage rescue of as many HVAC units as possible with the limited resources we had.

Our Resources:

  • 2 weeks
  • 0 Parts
  • 1 Super Smart Innovative Technician with excellent recordkeeping skills

Our Mission (Yes, we chose to accept it):

  • Repair as many of the upper floor units as possible
  • Minimum 2 operational units per floor

Using Innovation and Technology to “Hit a Hole in 1”

The Situation

Create a comfortable environment for the offices of an international golf ball manufacturer.
The old building was plagued with chronic humidity and air quality issues due to its location close to a polluted stream.

The Analysis

We were brought in to review and implement a fix that was drawn up by a team of Mechanical Engineers.
After reviewing their plan and discussing the desired outcome with the manufacturer’s management team, we proposed a different planfor a third of the cost.