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How can you tell the difference between a good company and a great company? We think the formula is creating an environment where both the employees and customers not only stay but refer their friends.
List Of Case Studies

The Case of The Missing HVAC Contractor

The Situation

We have been the trusted service company for a large property management company in southeastern MA, Cape Cod and RI for many years. A new project came up for install and as most companies do, they were looking for 3 bids to pick from.

Unfortunately, we were the second lowest.

About 1 year after the new units were installed, we were called by that same property management company to service the unit that had been installed by the Other Contractor. The unit had been giving them non-stop problems, but now it wasn’t cooling AT ALL. And no surprise…the Other Contractor (the one with the Low Bid) was not responding to calls.

The Analysis

  • A condenser and evaporator were mismatched sizes (not cool) and neither one was the correct size for the space.
  • The wrong size piping and wrong sized metering device was causing refrigerant flow problems.
  • Evaporator was not installed properly (no support) and in less than a year it had bent and bowed out of shape.
  • Ductwork installed was poorly and with inferior and improper materials. In some cases, duct tape (yes, duct tape!) was utili