Damn You, Gas Prices!

Gas prices are now so high, that EVERYONE is complaining about high gas prices! But as a contractor who really, really doesn’t want to charge trip charges, it is particularly irksome to watch that monthly cost number climb up month to month and year to year. It’s the kind of thing that makes your teeth grind at night.

Pain at the pump and no end in sight. What’s a contractor to do? Click photo to read article.

Our business requires multiple technicians to drive from place to place in some of the most inefficient vehicles available – boxy, heavy-duty vans loaded up with heavy parts, equipment, refrigerant, etc. On their best day, without a heavy load, they’re getting 11 miles to the gallon. Kind of sad, right? So, what is there to do about it?

I was recently interviewed by The NEWS, a weekly news magazine for HVAC contractors, regarding this very issue. Several contractors participated and there were some clever ideas that are worth a read, but the fact of the matter is there is no easy answer. No quick fix. But hey, at least I got my picture in a magazine. 🙂

Check out The News article, Contractors Confront Rising Gas Prices (picture on page 10).