To Duct, Or Not To Duct — That Is The question.

For small offices, historic buildings, or other applications where ductwork is too costly, impractical or even impossible, there is a quality alternative. Ductless systems provide multi-room air conditioning that’s quiet, attractive and effective.

Modular systems available. Add up to four indoor units to heat and/or cool multiple rooms.

The traditional alternatives to central air conditioning – window or through-the-wall units – will get the job done, but they can be loud, unattractive and inefficient. See a detailed comparison chart on our website.

Through-the-wall units, or PTAC (Portable Terminal Air Conditioning) Units, are installed by cutting into an exterior wall and placing the unit inside a special sleeve to hold it in place.

Window units, as the name implies, are placed into a partially-opened window.

Window and through-the-wall units have potential security issues – a unit could be removed for access into a building through the unit opening.

Both are also noisier because they have the condenser motor and fan inside your room. In ductless split units, the noisy condenser is outside.

Ductless splits have some of the highest rated efficiencies available. And because the air doesn’t have to travel through ducts – usually located in 100 degree attic spaces – there are none of the usual energy losses associated with ductwork (a typical system loses 30-50% efficiency in the duct system). All of the cooling/heating goes right where you want it. Ductless systems can also provide heat as well as air conditioning, if needed.

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