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“Our customers and employees are the two most important components of our business. Without either one, there would be no business.” - Karen Lamy DeSousa, Owner & President
How can you tell the difference between a good company and a great company? We think the formula is creating an environment where both the employees and customers not only stay but refer their friends.

Experience the Difference

Advance Air & Heat Co., Inc. is a commercial HVAC contractor based in Freetown, Massachusetts. The company was founded by Roger Lamy in 1986 and is now run by his daughter, Karen Lamy DeSousa. Our goal is to push innovations that make our HVACR and building automation services more economical, environmentally friendly, and customizable to meet the needs of each individual client we serve. We have built our business on the strong, trusting relationships we form with our clients and we’d be happy to serve your business however we can. For your next HVACR installation or maintenance, contact Advanced Air & Heat Co., Inc. today!

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Employee Longevity

What separates Advance Air & Heat Company, Inc. from other HVAC contractors in Massachusetts is our dedication not only to our clients, but also to our employees. Our twenty employees have been with the company for an average of twelve years. Most came from referrals from other employees. We feel that there’s no better compliment of a workplace, than for the employees to recommend it to their own friends and family.

Customer Retention

There is no better compliment to a company than to have their customers recommend them to other businesses. Rather than spend thousands on expensive advertising campaigns, Advance Air and Heat Company has been able to satisfy their customers to the point where our customers do our advertising for us! In fact, many of the customers that were serviced when the company began in 1986 are still happy customers today.


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If you depend on HVAC, refrigeration and controls for your business, we’re the contractor for you. 
We make it our business to keep your business running.

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