A Few Things You Need to Know About Your HVAC System – Part 2

Last week, our Guest Blogger from The Refrigeration School gave us some basic tools to learn a little about how your HVAC system works.

This is part two of a multi-part series which will focus on maintenance and repair tips for some do-it-yourself-ing on your HVAC system. Don’t forget to tune in next week to learn about how much energy your HVAC system consumes, and what you can do to reduce that energy consumption!  If you missed last week’s post about the basics of how an HVAC system works, just click the link below:

  1. How does a HVAC system work?
  2.  Maintenance and repair tips for your AC system.
  3. How much energy does your AC system use?

Take a closer look at this guide and get maintenance and repair tips for your AC system.

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