Advance Air Sponsors Amateur Dirt Bike Racer Jesse Lamy for 2012 Season

Advance Air is a proud sponsor of amateur dirt bike racer Jesse Lamy, son of Chris Lamy (technician and part owner of Advance Air). With an already stellar performance record after only three years on the amateur racing circuit, 13 year old

Jesse Lamy proudly displaying his 2011 NEMX Championship Plaque.

Jesse Lamy dominated his Division in the New England Motor Cross last fall, taking first place in the NEMX 250 C Division. Advance Air’s sponsorship will help with bike repairs, safety equipment, race fees and more.

Motor cross is one of the most physically demanding sports, requiring high levels of strength and fitness as well as demanding excellent concentration and mental focus. Jesse is supported in his pursuit of a professional racing career by his father, Chris Lamy and his mother Jodie Lamy who travel all over New England to attend his races, filling the roles of dirt bike mechanic, promoter and coach nearly every weekend.


We expect great things from Jesse in the coming year as he enters a new, more challenging 250 B division in the New England Sports Committee (NESC). In this new division, he will be racing alongside professional racers and seasoned amateurs, some twice his age. For more information or to sponsor Jesse, send an email to

Best of luck to Jesse for a safe and winning season!

Jesse Lamy sporting the Advance Air logo in his first race of 2012.