Are You Afraid of the Dark? HVAC Technician vs. Raccoon

A duct installation job brought two technicians into the dark recesses between wall sections of a local trash-to-energy plant. After an exhausting day of squeezing in and out of about a two-foot wide area in almost total darkness seeing nothing more unpleasant than the occasional cobweb, on the last trek between the walls to finish up the project, that one of the technicians caught a small movement out of the corner of an eye.

A quick double-take revealed the movement to actually be two curious little glowing eyes staring anxiously back from a deep corner of the small space. Before the technician was able to fetch his partner, the two small eyes, suddenly became six!

racWas it some sort of wall-poltergeist angry for the intrusion? A hallucination caused by too long a work day in tight socks? Now alarmed and fearing the worst, the technician slowly began backing his way out of the enclosure with all six glowing little eyes following his every move.

Fortunately, our hero emerged unscathed from his encounter, narrowly escaping death and dismemberment from the mysterious glowing eyes of what turned out to be a very cute, but very irritated family of raccoons.