Are Your Building Automation Systems Having Difficulty Communicating?

Advance Air & Heat is now a Certified Vykon Systems Integrator (VSI), so we can now help translate.

Advance Air technician Frank Tavares recently passed the rigorous training requirements to become certified as a Vykon Systems Integrator, allowing Advance Air to service, install and support all Tridium Niagara Building Automation Controls and Technologies.

Vykon by Tridium
Advance Air is now a Certified Vykon Systems Integrator (VSI)

What makes Tridium’s line of products so great is their ability to successfully integrate multiple types and brands of controls systems to make them work seamlessly together right from your desktop computer. There have been several products that have attempted what Tridium has finally been able to do, but none have accomplished it as successfully. We are excited to bring their product to our customers.

Building Automation Systems, also known as Energy Management Systems or Direct Digital Controls, allow for control and monitoring of many different building-wide systems such as lighting, HVAC, security, etc. From your desktop computer, you can easily view and change settings system-wide, or for specific areas, receive service alarms for malfunctioning equipment, monitor energy consumption by unit/area and more. As these systems have evolved and new equipment is added and upgraded, it is not uncommon to find multiple software versions or even different brand names of software in the same building. Without a product like Tridium’s to integrate these incompatible systems, you lose the ability to centrally program your building – which is the main purpose of Building Automation.

Technology is ever-changing, much of it for the better. But if your technology upgrades have gotten out of hand and begun to work against each other, it may be a good time to check out Tridium. With Tridium’s help, we can make all of your systems get along.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil monkeys

If your Building Management System has incompatible software brands or versions, Vykon Systems Integration might be just the solution for you. Check out our website for more information: