Bring in Fresh Air and Heat it for Free with Energy Recovery

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed how effective the Energy Recovery Wheel can be. It was an icy 9 degrees outside this morning and clearly not the best day to bring fresh outside air into the building, but thanks to Energy Recovery, heating the outside air was already more than halfway done before the heat ever turned on!

Many facilities need fresh air all the time, even when outside temps are in the single digits, or heaven forbid, even lower. So they end up exhausting 70 degree return air to the outside (bye-bye heat!) and bring in frigid 9 degree air that they have to heat all the way back up to 70 degrees! You can see where giant heating bills come from. With Energy Recovery, you can steal some of the heat back from the exhaust air and use it to heat up the fresh air coming in.

Check out the graphic below. This is a real-life example of Energy Recovery at work at one of our customer’s facilities today. The return air from the building comes into the duct at 70.5 degrees and goes through the Energy Recovery Wheel (the red circle with gray pie shaped wedges). The wheel absorbs more than 40 degrees from the exhaust air before it gets dumped outside. The wheel then transfers this heat into the frigid fresh air coming into the building from the duct below, heating the air up nearly to the desired temperature before it reaches the heating coil. 

Energy Recovery WheelI don’t know if anyone else gets revved up about this kind of thing, but I think it’s borderline miraculous. You might think so too, if you saw the before and after heating bill! 

For more information about how Energy Recovery could work in your building, give us a call at 508-763-3738.