Can an Energy Benchmark Save you Money?

Tighten your belt on energy spending.
Tighten your belt on energy spending.

If you want to cut costs – and in this economy, who doesn’t – you have to know what your costs are, right? Did you know that energy accounts for almost one-third of a typical building’s operating costs? Because energy savings go straight to the bottom line and can be realized almost immediately, energy should be one of the first places you look to cut costs.

That’s where an Energy Benchmark comes in. A Benchmark can tell you how your building stacks up against other buildings in your market. If you’re paying way more or less than the next guy for energy in your building, shouldn’t you know?

And if you’re paying less than your peer buildings, you have an opportunity to market yourself to potential tenants or buyers, or just give yourself a pat on the back for your fantastic building management.

If you’re paying too much, there are many ways to reduce your energy costs WITHOUT spending a lot. Studies from the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) have shown that you can save from 5 – 30% on your energy bills with LOW or NO cost changes. We’re not talking unit replacements or major overhauls, but minor tweaks and upgrades that can help save major bucks.

Energy Star Benchmark

Right now you have the option of going directly to the Energy Star website and conducting your own Benchmark. You can manually enter data about your energy bills and building space and type and you will get an Energy Star rating like one above. Your other option, which I highly recommend, is calling Advance Air to do one FOR you, for FREE.

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