Close Encounters of the Creature Kind

After years of working outdoors, almost every HVAC technician has at least one funny story about encounters with nature during a service call. In our area, it’s usually mice, bees, squirrels or raccoons. There was even one about an elephant (which I haven’t published yet…maybe next week).

It’s times like these that I am thankful that we live in New England, because in other parts of the country, they see rattlesnakes, scorpions and tarantulas inside AC condensers on a regular basis. Give me snow and ice ANY day rather than wondering if I have scorpions and tarantulas in my house!

After hearing a handful of these from our Advance Air technicians, I decided that many were funny enough to share, so I started to collect the stories and even published a few. I’m hoping to put together a few more over the next several weeks, but here’s a sample of the ones I’ve written up so far…


mouse-danglingHickory Dickory Dock

Our technicians have all had “creature” experiences of one type or another as they wiggle through crawl spaces or peek into outside condensers. I always have such fun picturing these big tough men running screaming from a flock of seagulls, or shrieking like pigtailed little girls at the sight of a mouse in the machines. So, at the risk of embarrassing said “tough men” it gives me joy to share … [Read more…]


Seagull-w-attitudeThe HVAC Technician’s Flying Nemesis

One of the legendary foes of the HVAC technician is the seagull. Normally not a lovable creature by any standard, the awkward-looking, screeching gull becomes a vicious dive-bombing menace to the unsuspecting rooftop-unit-repairing technician. One clever technician dreamed up a scheme, inspired by his childhood gull-feeding beach adventures, to thwart his flying nemesis. Figuring that no … [Read more…]


Attacking-SeagullThe Gull Strikes Again

Some of you may remember from my previous blog post, that the seagull is one of the biggest foes of the HVAC technician, truly a vicious dive-bombing menace. In our last story, one clever technician devised a strategy to distract the gulls so that he could work on the rooftop units. Some techs never even get a sporting chance… Before even making it fully onto the roof, Paul our poor … [Read more…]