Free Alternatives to LogMeIn for Remote Building Automation Monitoring

If you currently use LogMeIn to access your Building Automation site remotely, you probably already know that time is running out on your free version. Tomorrow. But don’t panic! With the help of MRE Consulting Group in Dartmouth, we’ve identified some alternatives for you to still access all of your information completely remotely, completely free. It just takes a few steps to get you set up and then you’re home free! Or remote free, as the case may be.

LogMeIn No Longer a Free Ride!
LogMeIn No Longer a Free Ride!

Our favorite Log Me In alternative so far is Google Remote Desktop. Follow these steps to set up your free access, or call us and we can set it up for you:

1. If you don’t have it already installed on the computer you use to access your Building Automation system, search for and install the Google Chrome browser.

2. Then create a Google account that is specific to Building Automation log on sharing ONLY. Google accounts can be used for a multitude of activities.  You may already have an account, but we recommend using a totally separate account for this purpose. This account will typically be shared with your HVAC contractor, so it’s a good idea to keep your other Google accounts separate.

NOTE: If you already have a Google or Gmail account active, you will need to log out each time before you can log in with your specific Building Automation Google account.

3. Once you have Chrome installed, search for Chrome Remote Desktop in the Google App Store, accessible from the Chrome main screen. It’s a free add-on. Download and install this app. Be sure to say “yes” and “allow” for any of the questions it asks you during the process of install and config.

4. After you install Remote Desktop, you will need to set up a PIN# which can be used to access the computer you’re on. Create one that you can share with your HVAC contractor (In other words, make it secure, but different from any personal pin #s you may have).

5. Now that you’ve created a path to access your Building Automation computer, you will also need to follow steps # 1-3 on the remote computer you will use to access your Building Automation system. However, once you reach step #4 on the remote computer, you will enter the Pin # that you already created and it will allow you access to your Building Automation system.

With these simple steps, you should be able to set up your alternative free access. If I’ve missed any steps, or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 508-763-3738. Happy free remote access!