HVAC and Sheet Metal – They Go Together Like Batman and Robin

batman and robin
Couldn’t get Advance Air’s Bill R & Bill C to pose for the picture. They couldn’t decide who was Batman/Robin and both flat out refused to wear tights. Party poopers!

Which one is Batman and which one is Robin? Depends on who you ask. But I think we can all agree that HVAC and Sheet Metal make a great team. With our longstanding membership in the HVACR Union (UA Local 51, Providence) and our newly forged membership with the Sheet Metal Workers Union (Local 17, Boston), Advance Air has brought the Batman and Robin Dream Team together.

Ironically, our own Batman and Robin – the two lead installers at Advance Air, one from each of the two trades – are both named Bill!

Long time Advance Air employee, Bill Rose has been our lead installer on HVAC jobs since he joined our team in 1999. And new addition, Bill Cabral, currently our sole sheet metal worker, will lead our new install team for all things Sheet Metal. Both technicians bring a wealth of other skills to the table, from welding to refrigeration and everything in between. They are both highly skilled and do fantastic work separately and have done some flat-out beautiful work together. When on installation jobs together, they are sometimes affectionately referred to as “The Bills”. Some of their work has been featured in pictures on our Facebook page.

Sheet Metal LogoThere’s always been overlap between the HVAC and the Sheet Metal industries, but with “The Bills” and our dual Union memberships, we now bring you the best of both worlds! So if you’re looking for an HVACR and/or ductwork job to be done to the highest standards, without the bother of having to remember two first names, we’ve got your guys.