Motocross Miracle: Jesse’s Back! (Pun Intended)

Easter Sunday oddly brings the start of a new motocross racing season for my nephew, Jesse Lamy who is the son of my business partner and brother Chris Lamy, in addition to being our newest pre-apprentice at Advance Air. The start of the racing season is even more significant this year because it is his first race back after fracturing his back this past October in a race in Maine. (Yes, you read that right. Fractured in FOUR places, actually.) So, on second thought, perhaps it is appropriate that his return to racing would be on Easter Sunday, as it is a resurrection, of sorts.

Advance Air has and continues to proudly sponsor Jesse in racing aspirations (note the awesome logos on his bike).

Jesse's New Bike Logos

Though it is obviously a dangerous sport, it is one that requires immense amount of discipline, physical fitness and mental toughness. Jesse has all of those qualities in spades. His return to the sport so soon after his injury (or at all, for that matter) is a testament to those qualities. But that only tells part of his story. He is also one of the coolest, most grounded and well-rounded people that I know. After his injury, he had the grace and presence to reach out to thank those who’d helped him on that day:

“I suffered a pretty bad crash at MX 207 this weekend and fractured my t4 vertebrae, but I’m ok, no spinal cord damage and I’m thankful to the big man upstairs that I can still walk and wiggle my toes in the near future, really feeling the love and support of my motocross family and thank you to all the people who helped me on the track right after my accident and in the hospital later on, I couldn’t have done it without you guys, thank you.”

Smiling in a back brace w foil on head
Here he is sporting a foil cap to keep the aliens out of his mind (if you’ve seen the movie Signs, you’ll get that). Smiling and being silly, like the awesome kid he truly is, despite what must be an itchy uncomfortable brace.

And he was able to keep a sense of humor throughout a painful and difficult recovery process:

“Just found out I have 3more fractures in my back, transverse processes fracture of the L2 L3 and L4, plus the compression fracture of the T4. Back in the brace… No pun intended..”

I should also take a moment to recognize Jesse’s parents, Chris and Jodie Lamy for their unwavering support of Jesse throughout his racing career and their emotional fortitude for supporting his return to the sport. I have watched him race just a few times and always with my heart in the throat. It is not a sport for the faint of heart whether you are behind the handlebars or on the side of the track.

So as you celebrate Easter weekend with family and friends, please join me in wishing Jesse a super-fast yet incredibly safe race this weekend. You ROCK Jesse! Brraaap!

My all-time favorite racing pic of Jesse. Even early on, you could see the motocross joy.
My all-time favorite racing pic of Jesse. Even early on, you could see the motocross joy on his face (under the mud splatter, of course).