Not a Creature Was Stirring…Certainly Not THIS Mouse

Christmas MouseAnother gem in the Technician vs. Nature arsenal of stories… And this one with a Christmas theme (sort of) just in time for the holidays!

After climbing up to access a ceiling-hung heating unit in a warehouse area, our technician found he was unable to see the very top of the unit where some dust and debris had caused the unit’s fan to stop operating properly. Our man was on a mission, however, and (after disconnecting power to the unit, of course) reached bravely and blindly into the area to find and dislodge the obstruction.

While running his fingers over the fan, he discovered the culprit, a sizeable clump of dust and debris that was causing the problems. Feeling rather good about his work, he examined his find – which turned out to be a rather disagreeable clump of petrified rodent right there in the middle of his naked palm. Though a normally level-headed bloke, the unexpected arrival of a crusty critter on his bare hand was too much for our man, who in his words, “shrieked like a girl” and flung the little mouse across the room. The airborne mouse-mummy fortunately missed the several startled employees who happened to be nearby – making the odd display the highlight of their previously dull workday.

Anything to entertain our fans…

May your Holidays be rodent-free this year.

Christmas Holly

Happy Holidays!