That Girl.

She’s that girl. You know, THAT girl. The one who jogs for fun. The one who rolls out of bed and looks adorably tousled instead of matted and puffy like the rest of us. Whether she’s wearing a baseball cap or a sparkly gown, she always commands the room, because she’s just naturally, effortlessly gorgeous.

She’s that girl that you want to despise because you’re secretly jealous of all that she is. But you can’t. Because you meet her and she’s undeniably delightful. She’s disarmingly charming and unbelievably sweet. She’s also slightly a goofball, but in all the best possible ways. She loves her family. She’s vivacious and fun.

She’s just that girl.

She’s also the girl who right now is in a coma with a swollen brain after having been hit by a car a few days ago. She’s the girl who lays sleeping while we wait and we pray and we hope that she still gets to be that same girl when she wakes up. She’s Manuela “Lolita” “Manny” DeSousa.

Whatever happens, she is loved and will always be so. Whatever happens, that girl will always be her.

This is Lolita. She is one of those people who makes the world a better happier place. Prayers, thoughts and donations are needed and welcome.