The Gull Strikes Again

Some of you may remember from my previous blog post, that the seagull is one of the biggest foes of the HVAC technician, truly a vicious dive-bombing menace. In our last story, one clever technician devised a strategy to distract the gulls so that he could work on the rooftop units. Some techs never even get a sporting chance…

Before even making it fully onto the roof, Paul our poor unsuspecting technician, sustained a gull-related head laceration while still on the ladder of the roof hatch. Just as his head crested the roof, a waiting sniper-gull came from behind and beaked him, leaving him with a terrible headache and a tiny bald spot to remember him by.

We believe this gull to be a mercenary gull, hired out by lesser gulls to protect their territory. It is said that this sniper-gull has portions of the scalps of over 100 technicians lining his nest. If you see him, please do not try to apprehend.

Attacking Seagull
WANTED: Sniper Gull  – Charged with 100 counts of assault with a deadly beak.

So, after the third bout in the battle Nature vs. the HVAC Technician, the score stands at Nature 3, Technicians 0. Better luck next time boys!