Uncertainty in the Time of Pandemic

We’re all feeling the pressures that come with uncertainty. Whether you’re working in the field, working from home, or not working at all, outlooks and expectations are changing daily, even hour-to-hour. It’s impossible to plan, yet we’re doing our best to plan anyway. We’re doing our best to protect our working employees, without the resources available to do so. We’re doing our best to educate our children, without the resources to do so. And we’re working to feed and protect ourselves and our families, without the resources to do so. It’s a lot. It’s OK to be stressed. It’s appropriate to be stressed. But please, remember to stop for a minute, take a deep breath, and schedule your own self-care. 

It is critical to make self-care part of your very long list of responsibilities right now. I know it doesn’t feel right. You want to keep pushing and deal with your needs later. Don’t. Whatever your self-care looks like, find a way to do it. Make it part of your routine going forward as much as hand washing is. You will need your health – body, mind and soul – intact for whatever is next. Though we all hope that there’s a quick end to this, we all need to plan for a long haul. Take care of yourself so that you can continue taking care of others for as long as it takes.

On a personal note, despite the uncertainty we are all facing, I’m encouraged and heartened by the support and generosity of the people I see around me. Medical personnel working excruciatingly long days with limited protection, people sewing masks to donate, sharing limited resources, reaching out to help entertain and educate kids who are stuck home, and many, many other examples. Thank you all for being a community to each other. You inspire me and all of us to do our part!

Stay safe & healthy!

Advance Air is staying open as an essential business during this time to provide emergency services and keep heating and ventilation systems up and running. We are following best practices for social distancing and CDC guidelines to keep our employees, customers and community safe and healthy.