I Went to Vegas, and All I got Was This Taco

So I went to Vegas for the first time ever, but I’m pretty sure I did it wrong.

For those of you who know me well, you know I’m not particularly Vegas-y. My perfect evening is watching Netflix in sweatpants. Gambling is just about the least fun thing I can think of. But Vegas seemed like one of those places you HAVE to see. A bucket list location, if there ever was one. And I am really glad I went. But it’s SO not my jam. Although I appreciated the experiences – the Cirque de Soleil show, the amazing food, the “spare no expense” experience of the hotels and casinos – the whole vibe felt a little off to me. Like a dark version of Disney World. A very dark, very adult Disney World.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The whole purpose for going to Vegas was to attend the Women in HVACR Board Meeting, then staying on to help staff their booth at the AHR Expo and scope out the latest and greatest offerings from HVACR suppliers and manufacturers from around the world. On top of all that good stuff, I also had a very specific mission to find Taco (pronounced with a long “a”, like TAKE-o, not like tacos from Taco Bell) for a face-to-face conversation about an important project that my company is working on involving their iWorx Control System.

Realizing that what is a big important project to me, might not translate into a blip on the radar of a multi-national pump manufacturer, I walked up to the Taco booth fully expecting to have to give a big back story and fight to be heard. But to my absolute SHOCK, the guys at Taco knew exactly who I was – well not ME exactly, we’d never met – but they knew EXACTLY which job I was there to speak to them about. And they knew our story. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I proceeded to ask what I went there to ask. And yet again, was flat-out impressed.

This is just one tiny snapshot of the job we inherited from a previous contractor. See what I mean by “ball of string”? And that’s not the half of it.

The big project I was there to ask about was one originally installed by another contractor that, politely put, did not fully execute the scope of work. After a couple of years of struggling to get the job functional, the engineer on the job suggested inviting us in to attempt a rescue. Soon after starting to unravel the giant ball of string that was this project, it became clear that having a partner would make all the difference. So, the big question I had for Taco was, would they be willing to work with a NEW contractor (us) to correct the iWorx control issues that still remained on the job, even though the one-year warranty period had expired. Taco’s response? A warm and comforting, YES! They committed to standing behind their work to make sure it’s done right. Because even though they weren’t responsible for the flawed installation, they did not want to have their products and controls associated with a dud project.

Stepping up like this is a rare and wonderful thing. And it happened in Vegas of all places!

So, I came back from Vegas with Taco as a partner. So, thank you Taco. We look forward to working with you to make things right with you.


If you have a control issue that you’re struggling with, whether it’s Taco iWorx, Tridium, Trane, Carrier or any others, call us today 508-763-3738. We’ll bring the tacos!