Waiting Impatiently for My Refrigeration License

Remember that blog post about the benefits of Self Doubt? Well, I’m feeling it today. Big time.

This morning, I sat with 200 other folks (only five females including me, btw) to take the Massachusetts License Exam to become a Certified Refrigeration Technician. I took classes, I studied, and still, I’m feeling unsure. As you know from my previous blogs, I am short on hands-on experience in the field, though based on the questions I saw on the exam, more hands-on time probably wouldn’t have helped!

Not so patiently awaiting MA Refrigeration License test results,
Not so patiently awaiting MA Refrigeration License test results. Ten days seems cruel.

Questions about ammonia and CO2 refrigeration systems (which very few people actually service) and some tricky wording, make it difficult to know if I eked out the 70% that I need to pass. And worst of all, I don’t find out for about 10 days.

Hardly anyone I know passed this exam on their first attempt. Which makes the idea of passing it THAT much more exciting. That alone would be enough to make me climb walls, but this license is also the final hurdle to jump before I can start our application for Certification as a Women-Owned Business.

Here’s hoping there will be an ecstatic hopping-up-and-down happy blog in about two weeks. Until then, I wait. Very impatiently. Stay tuned!